virtueller Wildpark

opening hours

  • summer: March - October:
  • 9.00 AM - 6.00 PM
  • Winter: November - Februar:
  • 9.00 AM - 4.00 PM
  • You may stay in the park till dusk.
  • You may bring your dog on a lead/leash. Just the falconry is not to be accessed by dogs!


Park address
Schinvelder Str.
52538 Gangelt
Tel:  (02454) 2459
Office address
Heinsberger Str. 15
52538 Gangelt
Tel:  (02454) 909051

For enquiries about group tours and
special flight shows contact us:
Tel: (02454) 2459
Tel: (02454) 909051
Fax: (02454) 909052

about us

Located in the outermost west of the Federal Republic of Germany, near the Dutch border, this park was established on the 24th of May in 1969. The initiator, a doctor and the mayor of Gangelt for many years, Dr. Hermann von den Driesch Sen., implemented the idea of a pristine Wildlife Park with the support of Mr. Josef Tholen. The aim was and is down to the present day to show European wild animals in their natural habitats.

Since 1989, Dr. Hermann von den Driesch Jun. has been the director of the Wildlife Park. In the recent years there has been a vast structural change of the Wildlife Park. The result was an enhanced quality of experience, now giving visitors the opportunity to directly watch every animal from the observations spots without a fence obstructing the view. Caging is a word of the past.

A new signposting system provides detailed information about attributes and skills of the animals in three different languages (German, Dutch and English). By successful breed of endangered species our Wildlife Park contributes actively to nature conservation. Down to the present day, we have already successfully bred 50 Eagle Owls in order to release them in to the wild in the Eifel.

The Wildlife Park Gangelt is a member of “Euro Nerz e.V.” (protection of minks) and participates in the “EEP”, the European Endangered Species Programme. Further, we also take part in release-programs for the Little Owl and Wild Cats.