Park address

Schinvelder Str.
52538 Gangelt
Telefon: (02454) 2459

Office address

Heinsberger Str. 15
52538 Gangelt
Telefon: (02454) 909051
Fax: (02454) 909052

For enquiries about group tours and special flight shows contact us:

Tel: (02454) 2459
Tel: (02454) 909051
Fax: (02454) 909052

Bus Connection

Busconnection from the trainstation in Geilenkirchen to the Park

On weekdays (Monday to Friday) the Bus SB3 (Operating Hours are listed below) takes you from „GK-Bahnhof“ to „Gangelt Amt“. At the stop „Gangelt Amt“ call the Multibus which will take you to the parking lot of the Wildlife park.

During school holidays and on the weekend the bus SB3 won’t operate. During this period the Multibus provides direct transportation. (Operating Hours are listed below)

Multibus call at least 1 hour upon arrival in Gangelt (Number 049 2431-886688). The same applies for the transportation back to the stop ,,Gangelt Amt’’

Schedule Multibus:
Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 12.00am and 14.00pm to 22.00pm

Schedule Multibus during School Holidays:
Monday to Friday 6.00am to 22.00pm
Saturday from 6.30am to 22.00pm
Sundays and Public Holidays from 9.00am to 22.00pm

Schedule Bus SB3

from GK-Bahnhof – in the direction of Gangelt, 9 minutes after every full hour, from Gangelt Amt – in the direction of GK-Bahnhof, 8 minutes after every full hour.

Arrival in Geilenkirchen at the trainstation 27 minutes after every full hour.
Last Run at 21.08pm from Gangelt to Geilenkirchen.

Busconnection in the netherlands:

From Heerlen or Sittard with the Veolia Line 36 to the stop Etzenrade. The Wildlifepark is located within a walking distance of approx. 10 minutes from this stop.